My Skin/My Hair

Hey Guys,

Because this blog is going to be all about fashion, makeup and skin care I thought it would be nice for me to tell you all what type of skin and hair I have so that you can consider this when reading my posts.

I personally have quite dry/sensitive skin. In the winter months especially, I find my skin gets so dry and I have to top-up on all of the moisturisers, body lotions etc. When looking for skin care products I have to take this into consideration and find products that give me plenty of moisture and good coverage. I find that a lot of products actually make my skin worse and because it is quite sensitive I try not to go for anything that is too heavy chemical-wise. As you can probably see my skin is also really quite pale. I'm not a huge fake-tan lover and tend to just keep it natural. This means that when buying makeup and things I usually have to go for one of the lightest shades possible! I will keep you all updated with products that I find that are good for dry and sensitive skin... I know some of you must go through the same problems as me! :)

I am one of the lucky girls in the world who has been gifted with naturally soft, shiny and straight hair! I don't really need to use any high-end products or special conditioners as I find my hair is already in great condition and I just like to keep it this way. The shampoo and conditioner that I swear by is Dove. I can't tell you how long I have used their products but their Shampoos and Conditioners work wonders on my hair and keep it's natural soft and shiny condition. If someone recommends another product to me then yes I will try it, but Dove will always be a favourite of mine. Because of the fact that my hair is naturally soft, I have to watch that I don't buy products that are too oily and as a result just make it greasy. My hair is also naturally straight, although I would like it to have a bit more texture and volume to it.. it is very easy to maintain!

Hope this information will be useful for you when reading my posts :)