25 January, 2012

High-quality photos

Hey guys,

I thought it would be nice of me to share a little trick with you all today :) For those of you have a lovely camera and would like to show it off at it's best... here is a little treat I found that will make sure that all of the pics you upload on your blog look clean and crisp. Before finding this handy wee treat, I used to simply upload my pictures by clicking on the 'Add Image' in the blog post section. Howeverrrr, I will not be doing that ever again!

Ever heard of Picasa? You can download it here for free and it is absolutely marvellous! Basically, you will have the Picasa software on your computer - this has lots of awesome features for editing pictures etc. You simply choose a file, click "Share" and this will send the image to an online album of your own. From here all you need to do is copy and paste the code for the image into your Post. It really is simple!

This image was added through the Image icon in the Blog Post section - quite blurry yah?

This is the same picture uploaded through Picasa - much clearer right?

Both of the images are the exact same and taken with the same camera - I couldn't believe the difference! Why settle for blurry images when you can do this?! Hope this information will be helpful to some of you! Being a web design student it was really annoying me that my pictures didn't look as good as they should do! It's really easy and also allows you to control the size of your images too!

If anyone would like some more help, that's what I'm here for :)

Do you have any tips and tricks for blogging?



  1. Thanks for adding me to your faves! My tips for blogging are to upload your pictures to somewhere like photobucket and the use the html code to put them in your posts, then you have much more control over the size you want them :) xx

  2. yeah that's pretty similar to this - Picasa is just a different program that's all! it really does help though doesn't it :)

    thanks for visiting x

  3. Thanks for the tip,didn't think there was a cure for this! :)


    1. no problemo, glad i helped at least one person by posting this! paying it forward and all ;)

      thanks for visiting x