Behind the Blog

I'm Gemma, a 21 year old web design student with a passion for fashion. I have just recently been introduced to blogging and i'm hooked. My makeup collection isn't as large as others out there, but i'm a sucker for a good product. Since reading other beauty blogs, I have found lots of lovely new products for me to try out. Fashion-wise, I like to be adventurous. I'm not one to just follow trends - I love leopard print, vintage, anything bold and awesome patterns.

Face Fashion & Faves will consist of a variety of posts focusing on makeup, beauty products, skincare, fashion and anything else I decide to share with you :) I will try to keep it varied and give the best tips and advice I can.

Behind the fashionista there is more. I am a bit of a tattoo fanatic, I love spending time with my boyfriend of five years (Wayne-he's wonderful), and I love to watch documentaries (Sir David Attenborough is a personal fave). When I'm not blogging you can find me at College being a true computer geek, working in the local Tesco or making my own handmade cards (I know I sound like such an old woman). It's all goooood :)

Anyway enough about me, feel free to comment and share your ideas/opinions on my posts and if you enjoy my blog please remember to Follow me!